We are working hard to make sure that our reopening happens efficiently and safely. We will update this page and contact you when we are ready to resume in-person appointments.


In the meantime, CLICK THE BOX BELOW, to view our updated "COVID Operating Procedures" to familiarize yourself with our new practicing model. Your appointments will look and feel different, but know that everything we do is with your health & safety in mind!

Please email us at INFO@ACUBALANCEKY.COM with any questions, comments, or concerns as we work towards reopening!


AcuBalance is a clinic that offers health & wellness services rooted in acupuncture, herbal medicine, and lifestyle coaching. With a comprehensive approach, we utilize innovative healthcare anchored in the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Our philosophy is that you were born with everything you need to be healthy; it just needs to be reawakened and rebalanced through personalized & compassionate care. We are here, as partners in health, to help people achieve a state of health and holism, cultivate self-awareness to become empowered self-healers, and live in a state of balance within and balance around. Our goal is simple - to give you back to yourself.

Schedule online today or reach out to us to start your journey back to health and balance.