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Arielle Ferrell, LMT, NCBTMB/AMTA

Licensed Massage Therapist, Doula, Reiki Practitioner

Arielle graduated from the Lexington Healing Arts Academy and this Connecticut Native is a powerhouse in the healing arts community. She is incredibly grateful for her discovery of massage therapy as it has made a huge impact on her personal health and wellness. Upon graduation, she began her journey in Lexington, Kentucky and loved sharing and educating others through her established practice. Since then, she has has moved to Louisville, Kentucky to expand her practice and to continue sharing her love for her work and bringing a little more light into the world.


The dynamics of touch truly fascinate Arielle. She believes that coupling the shared art of massage therapy with profound compassion provides us with the tools to heal ourselves from the inside-out. When intention and intuition are utilized in massage, it awakens the mind-body connection; our lives recalibrate, and we find clarity and balance within. Chronic pain and stress melt away.


Arielle brings a unique approach to her therapy because of her dynamic and multidisciplinary training. She will utilize her expertise and your input to cater specifically to the needs of your mind and body, and encourage specific work to further your healing process. She will take the time to fully answer any of your questions or concerns, and is fully dedicated to developing a trusting and caring relationship with each and every one of her clients.

"True power comes from within. What we seek, we already have" ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

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