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The Pro-Aging Rejuvenation Package is a luxurious extended acupuncture treatment that is complemented by an herbal facial and facial massage and/or facial cupping.


This nourishing therapy provides the perfect balance of enhancing exterior beauty while strengthening internal essence & vitality.  It has been used for thousands of years to revitalize the skin and face. It is designed to increase blood flow, hydration, collagen, and elasticity while tightening pores, decreasing inflammation, and purifying the skin. This results in a reduction of the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, skin imperfections, and puffiness while giving you a youthful glow.


The acupuncture portion involves the gentle insertion of acupuncture needles into facial rejuvenation points along the forehead, cheeks, and chin. Then, points along the body are implemented to promote blood flow and supplement the body’s vitality. 


The herbal mask begins with the application of gentle cleansing water to cleanse and moisten the skin. Then, the mask is applied, which is made of egg white, pearl powder, and selected herbs to suit your constitution. The mask is left to sit for 15-20min before being wiped away with warm water. Finally, a custom selected moisturizer is massaged into the skin with an option for a short facial cupping treatment, which will conclude your therapeutic session.


While several sessions of facial rejuvenation are required to see significant differences in the appearance of deeper wrinkles, you will notice an immediate difference in the overall quality of your skin. It will feel silky, supple, and smooth - an effect that is long-lasting - as well as visibly smaller pores, rosier cheeks, and a decrease in puffiness, spots, and impurities. For faster and stronger results, getting regular acupuncture treatments, herbal remedies, and integrating lifestyle changes to support your constitution will naturally increase your vitality and support your body's natural vitality-sustaining abilities. 

Pearl Powder & Egg White

Pearl Powder has been famous across Asia for its vernal properties and was part of a sacred beauty regimen for the emperors and empresses of China.

Egg Whites are also fantastic for skin care due to their ability to tighten pores, detoxify, and heal skin cells. 

When combined, these two ingredients can completely transform your skin.


Herbal Additions

Herbs such as gou qi zi (goji berry), he shou wu (fleeceflower root), and dang gui (angelica root) nourish blood to promote rejuvnation.  For promoting circulation, hong hua (safflower) is added and pu gong ying (dandelion) serves to cleanse and detoxify the skin.

These herbs can be ground into a fine powder and mixed into the pearl powder mask to enhance the facial.