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What can we help you with?
*Note* In some cases acupuncture can be used as a standalone treatment, but many conditions require a collaborative and integrative approach with primary care providers and specialists. 

Neuro-musculoskeletal Conditions
Acute & Chronic Pain
Acute & Chronic Inflammation
Headaches & Migraines

Various types of Arthritis
Carpal Tunnel & Thoracic Outlet
Degenerative or Herniated Disc
Frozen Shoulder 
Tendonitis & Tennis Elbow
Sprains, Strains, and Tears

Plantar Fasciitis 
Pinched Nerves or Entrapment

Raynaud's Disease
Peripheral Neuropathy

Sciatica/Piriformis Syndrome
Surgery Prep & Rehab

Respiratory/EENT Conditions
Allergies & Sinusitis
Supportive care for EENT & Respiratory Diseases
Dizziness & Vertigo

Eye Strain/Irritation

Digestive Conditions
Food Allergies & Sensitivities
Indigestion, Reflux, GERD
Constipation, Diarrhea
IBS, Bloating
GI Infections & Ulcers
Gastroparesis, Slow Motility
Gut Dysbiosis

Cardiovascular Conditions
High/Low Blood Pressure
High/Low Cholesterol
Recovery from strokes or heart attacks

Misc Internal Conditions
Autoimmune Disease

Cancer Support
Lyme's Disease
Hypo/Hyper Thyroid
Variety of Skin Conditions

Anxiety, Depression & Mood Imbalances
High Stress & Poor Resiliency
Healing Trauma

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Insomnia & Sleep Disturbances
Addiction & Smoking Cessation

Urinary & Sexual Health
PMS & Menstrual Cramps
Endometriosis, Fibroids & Cysts

Infertility (Male & Female)
Irregular Menstruation
Pregnancy Support
Post Partum Support
Low Libido & ED
Prostate Issues
Urinary Tract Infections, Candida
Interstitial Cystitis
Other Bladder Issues

How Can I Make an Appointment?

  Online: Schedule Now

  By Phone: 502.742.8613

  By Email:

Cancellation/No Show Policies:

  For appointments made online, cancellations can be done online up to 12hrs before a visit  

  In the event of a last-minute cancellation, please call, email, or text us to let us know you need to reschedule


*No-Shows: We understand that emergencies and other disruptions can happen at any time, and we will work with you as best we can.  However, after no-shows, we will no longer allow patients to schedule online and will require a creditc ard to hold the next appointment. In the event of a 3rd No-Show, the credit card will be charged a $35 "no show fee".  

What Is a Treatment Like?

  • For your first treatment, the practitioner will perform an initial examination and health history to assess your condition, which includes an examination of your tongue and pulse.

  • Then, you will be instructed on how you need to be positioned for the treatment. In most cases, you will be fully clothed, but in the event you need to undress, the acupuncture provider will step out to allow you to disrobe and lie under the treatment table sheets. 

  • The acupuncture provider will create a point prescription, which will typically include 10-20 points; most of which are located below the elbows & knees.

  • Once all the needles are positioned, you will be left to relax for 20-30min. The acupuncture provider may return to reposition or stimulate the needles.

  • Once the treatment is complete, the needles will be removed and disposed of, and you will be ready to go!

  • Herbal consultations and additional modalities may be implemented before or after acupuncture.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect? 

  • Results always vary from person to person because there are many factors that contribute to treatment outcomes.

  • Some of those factors include: how long you’ve had the condition, how severe it is, and most importantly, how your lifestyle is at home.

  • Many people notice changes immediately, while other people may take longer. As a general rule, significant and lasting improvements are noticed after repeated treatments.

  • Acupuncture is meant to be a practice that you incorporate into your regular health and wellness routine. It is recommended to continue treatments regularly to support your constitution and prevent future imbalances. 


How Should I Prepare?

  • Come in with any & all questions; they are encouraged so you feel relaxed during your treatment and comfortable with your treatment plan.​

  • Wear loose comfortable clothing that can be easily rolled up to the elbows and knees. We will also likely need access to wherever your pain is.

  • Avoid large meals immediately before the treatment, but don’t come on an empty stomach.

  • Be open to healing and able to set time aside for yourself to relax.

What Does It Feel Like?

  • The response people have to acupuncture varies slightly, but it is meant to be a comfortable and relaxing experience.

  • You will feel a very light poke with the initial insertion followed by a sensation of heaviness, ache, or warmth. All of these reactions are normal and a sign of Qi stimulation.

  • If a needle feels uncomfortable for more than a minute, let your acupuncturist know and they can adjust it.

  • After a treatment, you will likely feel deeply relaxed, so feel free to take a minute to drink some water & breathe before getting on with your day!

Is It Safe?

  • Acupuncture is extremely safe when performed by a licensed acupuncturist (look for “L.Ac.” next to their name).

  • Because the needles are sterile and acupuncturists complete a strict “Clean Needle Technique”, the chance of infection is minimal.

  • There are very few side effects with acupuncture. In very rare cases the needles will leave a small bruise, but this is normally only in individuals taking blood thinners or who bruise very easily. However, acupuncture is still completely safe for individuals taking blood thinners.

  • Every licensed acupuncturist has gone through rigorous training in needle technique and anatomy & physiology to ensure needle insertion is safe.


What Are Acupuncture Needles?

  • The needles are sterile, very fine, solid, filiform needles, just a little bigger than a cat whisker. They are disposable for single use only.

  • The depth of insertion varies depending on the body part, but will typically be from about .25″ – 1.5″.

  • After one use, every needle is disposed of into a sharps biohazard container.


What Education Have My Practitioners Had?

  • Dr. Helton & Andrea are fully licensed to practice Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine in the state of Kentucky, having successfully passed 4 National Board Exams through the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). 

  • Dr. Helton & Andrea completed a rigorous 4-year Master's Degree in Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine that included over 3000 hours of classroom education pertaining to TCM theory, acupuncture, herbology, and Western Medicine. In addition to their classroom education, both practitioners completed a 1000hr clinical residency to gain clinical experience in applying their education to real patients.

  • Dr. Helton continued on to complete his Doctorate in TCM, which involved an additional 1200 hours of classroom education, clinical experience, and the completion of a doctoral Capstone Project. 


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