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Forms & Handouts

Click on a selected icon to download any paperwork or educational handouts you would like. 

Filling Out a Medical Form

& Informed Consent

New Patient Intake

Fill out your intake paperwork ahead of time!

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Detailed health & wellness 

Expanded Intake


Help us get to know you better with an in depth look

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Reproductive Health History

Women's Health

Seeing us for fertility or other reproductive health issue? Fill out relevant areas.

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Handout & Education

Fertility Support

Seeing us for fertility support? Read about our services & how you can maximize your fertility.

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What is Acupuncture?


Read about what acupuncture is and how acupuncture works.


Positive self affirmations

Self Affirmations

Read some affirmations to improve mood, self-love, and thought patterns.



Herb Cooking 

Instructions for cooking your own herbal decoctions at home

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Breathing Exercises


Learn how to better breath for health & relaxation.

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Progressive Muscle Relaxation


A simple exercise to attain deep full mind & body relaxation.


Learn to meditate


A simple guide to understanding and practicing meditation.

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Learn to meditate

Qi Gong

A few QiGong exercises - which is like meditation in motion.

Notebook and Pen

Mindful Journaling Prompts

Self Awareness

Simple suggestions for journaling to increase mindfulness, self awareness, and balance.

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