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Health Isn't a Goal.

It's a Way of Living.

 Eat Well  |  Nourish the Mind  |  Move Daily  |  Sleep Soundly.

In addition to regular appointments, the key to maximizing health is how you care for yourself. We will help you set realistic and healthy goals so you can truly experience your optimal self. This will be done through incorporating balanced nutrition, regular exercise, stress management, and cultivating self-awareness and mindfulness.


Nutrition therapy is the cornerstone to internal health, and the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) approach to food therapy emphasizes more than just nutrient values. Instead, we look at the energetic properties of foods in terms of relative temperature, taste, and how it affects your Qi. Additionally, it is just as important to examine how you eat as well as what you eat. Looking at nutrition this way allows us to maximize your daily effort to maintain health and heal from disease. It's not just a matter of eating nutritionally valuable food, but a matter of choosing a nutritional plan that balances your unique constitution.


"Let thy food be the medicine, and thy medicine be thy food." - Hippocrates


In TCM, one of the greatest perpetrators of physical illness and emotional imbalance is stagnation of Qi and Blood; therefore, one of the greatest treatments is movement.  While acupuncture, herbs, and food therapy can be great factors in getting your Qi flowing, daily movement and mind-body exercises will be another great self-care practice. We can provide basic instruction on exercise and mind-body practices such as Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and Yoga to bring balanced daily movement into your life.

"Exercise is the most potent and underutilized anti-depressant" - Bill Phillips

Stress Management

Stress is the foundation of all imbalance, and learning to manage stress and how you cope with it will be your greatest asset in maintaining a healthy life physically, mentally, and spiritually. You can't always control your external circumstances, but you can always control how you react and respond to them.  We can guide you through breath work, meditation, relaxation, thought pattern modification, and more so you can experience life with balance and peace.


"Accept what is. Let go of what was. Have  faith in what will be" - Sonia Ricotti

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