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Hello Louisville!

Thank you for visiting our blog! Colby and I are so excited to be embarking on this new adventure together, and we look forward to becoming your partners in healthcare. We promise you won't find a more dedicated, knowledgable, and compassionate pair than the two of us at AcuBalance.

Whether you have an active health imbalance you'd like to correct, or simple just want to live a better quality of life, AcuBalance can be there for you to provide healing and education to help you live your highest expression of health and vitality. Our goals are simple...

1. To help you let go of everything that is holding you back from living well

2. To help you restore your sense of balance and holism

3. To show you how to sustain that balance and integrate healthy practices into your daily life.

Isn't it time you started feeling better again?

We'll see you soon!


Dr. Colby Helton, DAOM, L.Ac

Andrea Johnston, MSAOM, L.Ac

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