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New Year REAL You

Many New Year’s Resolutions come with the idea of creating a “New You.”

We give you an alternate challenge – let 2019 be the year you simply discover and cultivate the “REAL You."

While the concept of using this time to make ourselves anew isn’t inherently wrong, it does lend itself to the cultural obsession with newness. We always want the new car, the new look, the new attitude, the new guru etc. because what’s new is exciting; what’s new could be the magic bullet that cures all our woes. But what’s new is eternally fleeting; it is but moments after we grasp the current new thing that we find ourselves wanting the next new thing, thus creating a perpetual state of wanting and ultimately, dissatisfaction.

Of course, newness can be refreshing, and in moderation, can bring positivity into our lives. We should always be open to trying new things that call to us – remember, life begins at the edge of your comfort zone. But newness for the sake of newness very rarely brings us the deep peace and happiness our souls crave.

So, what does bring the soul peace and happiness?

Scio te ipsum – know thyself.

Knowing yourself - your innermost divine and perfect self - allows you to live life to its fullest. Because once you know yourself, you become the master and creator of your own universe. So, let 2019 be the year you let go of obsessing over what’s new. Take this time to dive deep and contemplate what’s real. Who are you? What do you think about the world? What do you think about yourself? What is within your power to change, or let go, or forgive? What knowledge resides within you that will bring whole and sustainable health and balance? The answers aren't out there, they are within. There is no magic wellness bullet, there is only your inner wisdom and power.

If you feel called to do so, take a few moments and do this exercise. You will need a writing instrument, 2 separate pieces of paper, and a fire-safe container.

Once you've finished, take the piece of paper with the things you will let go and burn it in a fire-safe container. Meditate on the flame, and with every exhale, make the following intention

"I release all my memories, traumas, thought patterns, attitudes, habits, and relationships that no longer serve my highest good".

Take your second piece of paper and keep it safe by your bed. Think about what you've written every morning and every evening. Hold these intentions in your heart and remind yourself you are already divine, and all these intentions are already there within you.

May you bid farewell to 2018 with love and let go of all the negativity that came with it. May you welcome 2019 with open arms and may it bring you awareness, clarity, peace, and freedom.

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