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2022: The Year of the Water Tiger

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

I am the delightful Paradox.

All the world is my stage.

I set new trails ablaze;

I seek the unattainable,

And try the untried.

I dance to life's music

In gay abandon.

Come with me on my carousel rides

See the myriad colors,

The flickering lights.

All hail me the unparalleled performer.

I am the TIGER.

Today, around the world, people are celebrating Lunar New Year. Tied to the lunar calendar, this holiday is a time for feasting and to honor ones home, the deities, and one's ancestors. It begins on the 2nd New Moon after The Winter Solstice and lasts until the full moon arrives.

It's a time to shake off those cobwebs and literally sweep away the bad luck and energy of the previous year and start fresh. Red, being an auspicious color, is added to home decor and to fashion - so bust out a nice red sweater or scarf today! And don't forget some lucky food items like dumplings, longevity noodles, spring rolls, oranges, fish, sticky rice, and (my personal favorite) sesame balls!

There is also a bit of astrological symbolism associated with the Lunar New Year, as each year has a particular animal (one of 12) and element (1 of 4) in cyclical order. This year, we welcome the Year of the Water Tiger.

Those born in the year of the Water Tiger will be much more mellow than most tigers; the balancing water element will give them a bit more objectivity, steadiness, and emotional stability. They will have well honed intuition making them excellent judges of character while also being strong in empathy and human decency. Their sharp mind will make them hard workers, though they may be a bit prone to procrastination ;)

The Chinese Zodiac also forecasts what may be in store for the year ahead. In 2022, The Water Tiger invites us to embrace power, passion, and courage. It is time for bold action, blaze a new path...forge - don't follow. This is the year to listen to your intuition - but a word of caution - know how to discern your intuition from your fear, your pride, and your need for instant gratification. Intuition is just like any other skill or muscle; it must be honed.

Stay tuned for our follow up post on another festival that is right around the corner, Imbolc!

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