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Happy Lunar New Year! Welcoming the Metal Rat.

January 25, 2020, will mark the beginning of the year of the Metal Rat!

The first thing you need to know about the animals in Chinese Astrology is that it's based on an old myth about the Jade Emperor inviting 12 animals to a party; however, he was very specific about the order in which they would arrive. The Ox was supposed to be the first to arrive, but the Rat tricked the Ox into giving him a ride. Upon arrival, the Rat jumped down ran ahead, becoming first - which is why the Rat is the wiliest of animals!

In terms of personality, the Metal Rat is known for its unvarnished truth, unyielding character, and ingenuity. Collectively, this means we will continue to see old systems breaking down, the truth coming to light, and new systems being put into place to correct the largest problems facing humanity. No matter what oppositions it faces, the rat will not yield to them, and neither will we.

The Metal Rat is also a symbol of idealism, which contributes to its unwavering stance of integrity, right, and wrong. 2020 must be a year of committing ourselves to reach towards our highest ideals and not settling for going half-way. With the wily rat at our side, we will find our way.

The Metal Rat also enjoys financial abundance but chooses investment overspending. 2020 is likely a year where we will see continued improvements in the economy and our own wealth, but we must not be frivolous. The wise rat, while prone to hoarding, is always prepared for famine. Invest your money wisely - invest in your health and your future.

While often likable, Rats do not have the best communication skills, and thus they can often come off as abrasive and cold. 2020 may be a year where we continue to be triggered and frustrated - learning to communicate our truth with respect and compassion will be more crucial than ever.

Rats, because of their wit and sharpness, can also waver on the side of arrogance. 2020 is a year to balance our self-confidence with humility; to recognize and accept our failures, and learn from them.

2020 will also be a year of opportunism and social-climbing; while many systems will be broken down, the system of greed will still run strong. Deceitful opportunists will continue to venture down reckless financial paths and try to bring more people into their scheme. Be wise and discerning with your finances. Be clear. Do not let any gray areas or misunderstandings go unresolved.

In summary, The Metal Rat year will certainly be anything but boring! Old systems breaking down, new systems being put into place, and the chaos in between. The veil will continue to lift as more people learn to recognize and speak truth unvarnished. Revolutions small and large will take place. As with all moments of massive change, chaos ensues before finding order again. In the words of one of our favorite rats of the Game of Thrones Universe ..."Chaos is a Ladder" - climb with integrity.

If there are any traits we must learn to embrace and cultivate this year, it is these:

Just as metal is both rigid & flexible, so must we learn when to stand firm and when to bend. Balance, as always, is key.

Speak truth unvarnished, but speak with compassion and respect.

Be unyielding in your character, but discern when you yourself must change.

Be honest with yourself about your failures and shortcomings and grow from them.

Be wise with your finances, invest in your health and your future.

Remember that the systems that are breaking down no longer serve us and we must let them go.

Amidst the chaos, remember your truth, find your center, and persevere.

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