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New Partnership with UofL! (Save the Date!)

Good evening to our wonderful AcuBalance community!

We are elated to share some exciting news! AcuBalance is going to be increasing our services and we are proud to announce our new partnership with the University of Louisville Trager Insititute & Republic Bank Foundation Optimal Aging Clinic. (Go Cards!)

The Trager Institute is an incredible organization at the University of Louisville and its mission is simple: to utilize healthcare, research, and education to innovate the aging experience so our aging community members can age with grace and dignity.

We first met the Trager Team at a Pain Management Symposium hosted by The Kentucky Coalition for Healthy Communities (KCHC). After Andrea's presentation on the future of integrative healthcare, we knew we were meant to work together. A few months later, Andrea & Colby had the opportunity to lead a breakout session at the UofL Optimal Aging Conference, where they further delved into the future of integrative medicine and how acupuncture can help our community age in place and with grace.

Since then, we've continued our collaboration with the Trager Institute, participating in several Project ECHOs, Microclinics, and various educational workshops.

Today, we are elated to announce that we are now Acupuncture Providers for the Trager Institute Republic Bank Foundation Optimal Aging Clinic!

Being part of a Gold Standard integrative medical clinic has been a dream of ours since we first met, and it is truly a privilege to be one of the first acupuncture providers in the state to be working alongside physicians, researchers, social workers, and wellness professionals. We know that as more physicians, healthcare workers, and community members are exposed to acupuncture and its many benefits, we will see our dream of a national integrative care movement come to fruition.

And before you worry - YES AcuBalance is going to remain open! We're simply going to be dividing our time between these locations so we can better serve our community in multiple regions. You are welcome to continue receiving your treatments at AcuBalance, but if downtown is a little more convenient, we can easily transfer your care to the Trager Institute.

Want to learn more? We encourage to you attend our "Meet the Providers" workshop via Zoom on Tuesday, June 9 from 11am-12pm. We'll introduce ourselves, give a little background on our education & experience, and then move into discussing how acupuncture works and the current research and evidence that supports it. Then, we'll open it up to Q&A so our attendees can ask us questions about ourselves, our practice, our medicine, and of course, how to refer and request appointments!

If you are are a healthcare provider and are curious about acupuncture (or perhaps even a little skeptical) we also strongly encourage you to attend. We hope that after learning about us and our experience, you will feel more confidant in acupuncture as a part of integrative healthcare and perhaps even consider referring some of your patients to us at the Optimal Aging Clinic.

The Details!

We cannot express enough our excitement and pride in this amazing partnership. We foresee great things on the horizon as we move towards our goal of helping our community become Healthy, Mindful, and Balanced.

Yours in health,

Dr. Colby & Andrea Helton

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