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Updated Appointment Policies & Telehealth Options

At AcuBalance, safety is always our number one priority, and in this evolving COVID-19 situation, we are working to adapt our protocols and policies so AcuBalance can remain a safe, effective, and successful place of healing.

Pursuant to Public Health recommendations, we are limiting the amount of time we physically spend with patients in the treatment room. While we trust in the use of masks, cleaning procedures, clean hands, and clean needle technique, we recognize that the “Swiss cheese model” is the best model for reducing exposure.

All of our previous protocols are still in place:

  • Parking Lot Lobby – text/call us when you arrive!

  • Temperature checks and screening upon entering the facility

  • Masks must be worn at all times

  • Hand-washing or sanitizing upon entering the facility

  • Distancing in the treatment room

Additional protocols: We are working to reduce in-person care/conversation and maximize the use of virtual consultations and telehealth. We have updated our “list of services” on our website and on our scheduling system so you know which appointment to select when booking and can prepare accordingly. If after reading through these you are still unsure what to select, please email us at or call us at 502-742-8613 and we will assist you! Email is preferred.

Virtual consultations whenever possible for new patients, or for current patients needing in-depth re-evaluations
Abbreviated “in-person” consultations with new patients
Abbreviated “check-ins” with current patients


New Patient Acupuncture Visit ($80) 60min: This is what you will select if you are a new patient and ready to begin acupuncture treatments. Appointment includes:

  • Paperwork: It can be filled out ahead of time (link below) or you can fill it out in your car when you arrive.

  • “Abbreviated” Consultation to gain enough information to provide a safe and effective treatment

  • Full acupuncture treatment

Expanded questions regarding your care can be exchanged via email or phone after your appointment.

If you think your condition(s) requires an extensive consultation, please select “new patient consultation” (details below).

New Patient Consultation ($40) 30-40min: Whenever possible, these will be done virtually over Zoom or FaceTime. This is what you will select if you are

  • Not sure if you are ready for acupuncture and require an in-depth discussion of your health history to ascertain if our treatments are appropriate for you.

  • Not sure if you need acupuncture treatments, herbal therapies, or both!

  • Have a complex health history and wish to have in-depth consultation.

In this appointment, we will conduct an expanded health history interview (physically, mentally, emotionally), provide our clinical impressions, and line out our treatment plan. This is so you can understand the nature of your imbalances and how the treatments will work to help you. Essentially, a little Acupuncture and/or Herbal Theory 101!

Once you have this appointment scheduled, we will send you a Zoom link for the appointment and a link to download the intake paperwork. Please complete this and send it back to us prior to your appointment.

Acupuncture Visit ($80) 60min: This is for all follow up acupuncture visits after your first visit or after you’ve had an expanded consultation. If you are a current patient and have had a major change in your condition, please reach out to us prior to your appointment to let us know what has changed. This will help us better prepare for your appointment. If you require an in-depth re-evaluation, we will set up a time to do this at no charge to you.

Herbal Consultation: ($40) 30-40min: Whenever possible, these will be done virtually. This is for new patients who are ONLY interested in having a consultation ONLY for herbal medicine therapies. This appointment includes:

  • Paperwork: Please fill it send it back prior to your appointment

  • In depth consultation & evaluation of health history to determine patterns of imbalance and discuss treatment strategies

  • Coordination of herbal pickup and herbal regimen



Thank you for your patience, understanding, and support as we are all navigating these turbulent times. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or clarifications on these new procedures.

In health,

Dr. Colby & Andrea Helton

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