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Welcome Baby Helton!

Dear AcuBalance Family,

Dr. Colby here. We hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving and are staying well as we move into the Winter season. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Winter is the time of of storage and hibernation. Heaven and earth are said to shut down, and it is advised to avoid cold and seek out warmth, waking only after the warming rays of the sun have appeared in the morning. It is natural to feel somewhat withdrawn and blue – the mind and body are built to expect a restful period after a busy year. However, despite what our Qi naturally wants to do in Winter, we have work and social responsibilities; so, if you need any extra help with motivation or emotional balancing, acupuncture is great for this!

It's not all Winter blues around here. In fact, Andrea and I wanted to share some wonderful news with all of you. We excited and grateful to be expecting our first child, a little girl! Some of you may recall Andrea took some time to focus on her health over the summer, and since we never gave an official update on that, rest assured that she's done fantastic since then. We are now simply over the moon to be welcoming little [shhh! It's a secret!] into our family in June. It has definitely been a journey getting here, and we're happy to have had the help of science, a lot of love, and, of course, fantastic acupuncture care. Andrea is doing great, and so am I, thanks for asking!

Over the next few months, we will do everything we can to ensure the best care for our patients, but we hope for your understanding and flexibility with appointments due to prenatal care, feeling cruddy, and transitioning into maternity leave. As needed, you will have the option of seeing me for acupuncture in place of Andrea, and we will make sure to continue preparing any herbal formulas, as well.

AcuBalance will also continue to require masks for patients and providers during time in the clinic. Trust us, we know wearing a mask sucks – we've been doing it every day for nearly 3 years. But we know they are very effective at preventing and limiting infection between people in a close setting, like in our treatment rooms. We have this policy in place to protect you, our patients, many of whom are vulnerable and immunocompromised, including or patients from the UofL Brown Cancer Center. Also, I just can't have Andrea get sick during pregnancy. Please don't put her and the baby at risk. And please, please don't add to her stress by arguing about masks when you come in; allow us some grace in this department.

Thank you all so much for your understanding, support, and loyalty. We have the best patients we could ask for, and we're truly blessed to get to work with you doing what we love.

PS! We're still offering Holiday Specials on Gift Cards!


  • Select your Gift Card Style

  • Enter "Custom Amount" of $60 or $120

  • Click "Add Promo Code" & enter in one of the 2 promo codes

  • Enter remaining fields (to/from etc.) and continue until check out is complete


  • Send it to yourself to print out and give at your leisure Send it to your loved one on a specific date Send it to your loved one immediately for an early gift!

  • You can also come in to the clinic to purchase a gift card in person and we'll apply the promo code there We'll be back in the office on November 28.

This promotion will last until December 22


From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for trusting us with your health and vitality. We look forward to many more years of serving our amazing community!


Dr. Colby & Andrea Helton

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