30min consultation for individuals who want to schedule time to meet with an acupuncture provider in person, or virtually, to discuss their health and potential treatment plan that may include acupuncture, herbal medicine, and/or body therapies.



45-60min Treatment | Includes intake and examination, assessment of tongue and pulse, and acupuncture therapy.  It also includes body therapies like cupping and moxa when appropriate.  

Pro Aging Rejuvenation Package


90min Treatment | Includes acupuncture treatment focused on facial acupuncture points, application of herbal mother of pearl mask, and facial massage. 



30-45min Treatment | Includes brief intake and standalone cupping treatment on one or multiple body areas. 

Custom Herbal Decoction

Varies $15-20 per week

Herbal formulas will be customized to your unique health condition and prepared for you in house. 

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What About Insurance?

We are not currently in network with any insurance companies and are unable to accept or bill insurance.  However, you do have a few options to consider.


  • Speak with your insurance provider if you have any out of network benefits.  If this is the case, we can provide you with a superbill and you can attempt to have your insurance provider reimburse you directly.  If you do this, you will likely need to obtain a pre-certification from your insurance provider.

We do accept all HSA & FSA cards & can provide you with an itemized insurance receipt or superbill